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The Root Cause Protocol Mineral Consultants are certified by Morley M. Robbins. We are trained at the Copernican Institute of Mineral Metabolism & Mentorship to master the Root Cause Protocol using the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), the “Full Monty” Mag-Zinc-Copper panel of blood tests, and the Symptom Assessment Intake form. These three diagnostic tools serve to validate the mineral dynamics that are caused by stress experienced by the individual.

Magnesium Electrolytes Concentrate
Magnesium Electrolytes Concentrate 3-pack
Magnesium Electrolytes Concentrate ingredients

Electrolyfe Magnesium with Electrolytes Concentrate Trace Minerals- Add to water

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Electrolyfe Magnesium Concentrate Drops with Electrolytes

We offer you ionic magnesium amongst the trace minerals and electrolytes in a naturally concentrated, easy to carry and use package.

The majority of us are living in a state of trace mineral deficiency and lack of electrolytes and it is essential that we increase and perhaps enhance our intake with a little help from mother nature----and from us.

Crisp, cool mountain streams flow into into the north side of the Great Salt Lake in Utah, where we collect mineral-rich water free from impurities and modern toxins. The sun is our faithful assistant; concentrating these minerals and electrolytes that we collect and package with utmost care. We bring the best of mother nature and all its bounty to your doorstep. What will you do to protect your health and quality of life in our toxic world?

Electrolyfe Magnesium Matrix is our answer to making your water an even more powerful force in safeguarding your health and vitality. Electrolyfe Magnesium Matrix is a mineral rich water enhancement supplement that makes your drinking water more easily absorbed and utilized by your body. 

Electrolyfe Magnesium Matrix is an electrolyte drink mix without the added sugar, food colorings, or any harmful additives. Electrolyfe Magnesium Matrix supports the wilderness athlete hydrate and recover. Take along when camping or picnics.

The form of magnesium is ionic, which makes it the most bioavailable for our bodies and key electrolytes fuel your body with the elements it needs to function at optimum levels. 

When you add our natural electrolyte concentrate to your daily water, you can effortlessly safeguard your health against many mineral disorders and for improve the performance of athletes.

Our concentrate is easy to add to your daily water hydration bottle. We provide a portable glass container, and avoid plastic, with a convenient dropper for mixing up on the go into your insulated water bottles. You have no more excuses for letting yourself become salt and mineral deficient.

It is time to improve your health!

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